Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for The Good Causes Quiz .org  30/07/18

All entries by text message are provided by Digital Select Ltd. If you have any problems with your text entry please contact their helpline: 0330 103 9999. For entertainment purposes only.

Chosen Charities

We are not affiliated with any charity unless stated. We have gained permission from whoever we are raising money for, and we will make the donation (10% of paid entries) to them once the competition has ended. 

Our company.

The Good Causes Quiz.org (TGCQ) is the trading name for A.G.C Trading. Any reference such as We/Us is referenced to this. 

Collection of data

• We do not hold any records of private information, nor, will we ask for any. The only details we DO require is your phone number to let the winners of competitions know of their success.

Entry breakdown

  • 60% of all text entries is charged to us by the phone networks. 
  • 30% of entries goes to A.G.C trading to cover the costs of advertising, utility bills, wages and the normal day to day operations of running a business.
  • 10% of all entries for each competition is allocated to the chosen charity. Please see the website for the listed charities we are helping to support. 

Text Entries

  • All entries will cost £1.00 unless otherwise stated. 

• Incorrect answers will be charged, but will not be entered at the same rate as above.
• Winners are generated at random by our system.
• Winners will be asked if they would like to participate in our winners gallery. This will be published on our social media sites and webpage.
• Each competition will be specific to a county in the UK, funds raised will also be specific to the corresponding competitions and area. 

PayPal Entries.

• Contestants entering via PayPal must include the ‘Keyword’ followed by their answer. Entries that do not include this information will be returned and refunded. The entry will not be counted.
• Entries by PayPal are the same amount as the text costs (£1.00) Any different amounts will be returned and refunded and will not count as an entry.
• Any winners that have entered via PayPal , will be contacted by the email address supplied. Unless a phone number has been applied as a the reference.

Postal Entries

  • Entry by this method is classed as a route of FREE entry. 
  • This form of entry should cost you no more than the cost of a stamp.
  • Details of where to send your entries are provided in a link under each competition. 
  • Closing dates for postal entries will be 1 week after the close of the competition as advertised.

Help and Contact

  • Text entry help line is 0330 103 9999
  • General enquiries 01529 388968
  • Email: info@thegoodcausesquiz